Sydney’s leading wedding makeup artists give Brides-to-be their top makeup tips for their special day.

Getting the right look and preserving it throughout the day and night is all about using the right products with a flawless application for that camera-ready look, after all this is the biggest photo shoot of your life.

First Priority: When planning your makeup for your wedding day the first priority should be having a trial with your makeup artist.  This appointment will be the most important one in the lead up to your big day, as this is where you get to see the look and tweak anything you are not happy with until you are completely happy with the end look. The trial will put your mind at ease and on the wedding day you can just relax knowing your makeup artist knows exactly what they are doing and will deliver the look you want.

Lashes: Using a waterproof mascara that withstands tears if you are prone to crying is an absolute must! Or better yet, get semi-permanent lash extensions applied 3-4 days before your wedding day to avoid the chance of mascara running down your face.  These lashes will add length and volume to your own lashes, while looking natural and making your eyes pop on the day. Lash extensions look great for about 3 weeks, so if you are planning a honeymoon straight after your wedding you can enjoy waking up to pretty lashes for weeks to come.  Semi-permanent lashes are the perfect wedding accessory. Maven’s artists highly recommend the volume lash extensions for extra fullness.

Lighten Up: Use a highlighter shadow on your brow bone that compliments your skin tone – a white shadow if you have light skin or a warmer light peach or vanilla shade will suit deeper complexions to make your eyes stand out.

Brows: Define your brows with a pencil or shadow that matches your hair colour.

Red eyes: Pop an eye drop if your eyes look red or tired but stick with a brand you’ve used before to avoid unwelcome surprises – irritation or worse!

Sweet Cheeks: Don’t forget your blush! Think Meghan Markle on her wedding day and how she looked like the perfect blushing bride.  A pop of colour on your cheeks is like an instant pretty facelift. For fairer skin, a pink tone will work and those with deeper skin tones can choose a rose hue.

Zit Emergency: If you have a blemish or breakout just before your wedding day, keep your hands away from your face and try not to squeeze them as it can often make the situation worse.  A spot will heal more neatly if you leave it alone. In the case of a sudden monstrous pimple, see your dermatologist and ask for a cortisone injection that will shrink it instantly.  If you have bad skin and are prone to acne flare ups, then consult with your GP or dermatologist to get you on the road for flawless skin for your wedding day – you will feel more beautiful and confident walking down the aisle with clear skin.

Lighting: For your makeup application, this should be applied in natural light. If possible, set up an application table near a window. If there’s no natural light available, use a super bright lamp – halogens work best.  If your makeup looks good in the natural light then the colours will look perfect in the photos and in the daylight, especially if you are having an outdoor summer wedding – you don’t want to look the wrong shade on your wedding day.

Sit Up: If you’re getting ready at a hotel, ask for a high bar stool so you can be at eye level with your makeup artist . If you can’t get a stool, simply prop yourself up on pillows.  This will mean your makeup will be more perfect with the right amounts of colour and same application strokes on each side of your face.

Even It Out: Quite often you won’t have the same skin tone on your face compared to your neck and chest colour.Use bronzing powder on your chest, neck and face to even out your skin tone.  This will ensure that your face doesn’t look too different from your body and the colour is flawless from face to chest.  Bronzers are colour correctors and are used to achieve that seamless look.

Watch the Gown: Don’t use foundation on your décolletage as it can stain your dress.  Spray tans are best and trial one first, so you know the colour is the right tone for your skin and suits the makeup look you want.  It is always best to trial a spray tan and then have your makeup trial, this way you get to see how they both work together.

Touch-ups: Carry a lipstick/gloss and a powder (bronzer, translucent or a blot) to take any shine off the T zone area, which is especially important for your photos.

Makeup Fix sprays: A makeup artist should always set your makeup with a good fix spray like Skindanavia’s range which has a special bridal spray for more of a glow look, or a matte spray for those that love that matte look.  Your makeup should last from the moment it is applied to the end of your wedding celebrations, no excuses.

Foundation: Choose a foundation that blends perfectly with your skin tone – you shouldn’t see any stop and start lines and if you do then you have the wrong shade.

Maven Styling are a team of professional mobile makeup artists that are all specialised in wedding makeup with over 10 years’ experience.  They all pride themselves on giving the best makeup application and using the best products on the market for brides and her bridal parties.  Owner and Makeup Artist Chloe Thompson is based in Bondi and manages the Maven team, covering the Eastern Suburbs (Bondi, Bronte, Double Bay, Paddington, Rose Bay etc) to Sydney’s CBD area.  ‘We are all like-minded artists with a passion for makeup and love being able to create beautiful looks for our clients that make them feel super confident’, says Chloe.  Maven have all of your wedding needs on offer including hair styling and eye-lash extensions by Celebrity Lash.

If you are a bride-to-be and your wedding is coming up, then make a booking with Maven today!  Chloe and her team are currently taking spring and summer wedding bookings.  Look your absolute best on your wedding day with Maven’s professional makeup artists and hair stylists – contact Chloe today – or visit their website to know more about their services at: